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On May 12 the annual Famillathlon took place for the forth time, organized by Association Parents, the National Safer Internet Centre, the National Centre for Youth Programs and Initiatives and the Municipality of Sofia. Over 3 000 families participated in the numerous activities and competitions to celebrate family, sports, creativity and healthy lifestyle.
Bulgarian SIC experts organised a series of trainings in towns in Northern Bulgaria, initiated by local public organisations and NGOs. More than 60 young people and 35 professionals who work to promote the safe and responsible use of internet and mobile devices participated in the sessions.
The team of the Bulgarian Helpline at the national Safer Internet Centre visited 83rd Primary School in Pancharevo to deliver several lessons about online safety to pupils from second, third and forth grade.
Denis Tranchev, a 14 years old student from Sofia, won the first place in a very competitive gaming contest, announced by the Safer Internet Center, co-coordinated by ARC Fund and Association Parents.
At the SID 2012 award ceremony on 7th February in Sofia the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre officially presented the brand new educational video quest game, developed in collaboration with Dechica.com. This marked the start of a month long student competition with attractive prizes.
For three years running, every February Varna Municipality organized events to celebrate the Safer Internet Day. This year the major focus was the award ceremony during which ten students received their Expert Safer Internet Certificates.
On 7 February, the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), operated by the Applied Research and Communications Fund and Association Roditeli (Parents), organized a special event in Sofia Puppet Theatre to mark the Safer Internet Day and to launch this year’s awareness campaign “Connecting generations”.
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Hardly anyone could imagine the world of today without the use of Internet. The World Wide Web has turned into a self-sufficient environment for communication, work, business and entertainment.

The age for young people going online is dropping by the day. However, Internet is also posing risks both for adults and for children.

This is the reason why the European Commission has set up the Safer Internet Programme in 1999. The program aims at educating kids, teachers and parents and thus providing them with a safer, more useful and more pleasant cruise across the World Wide Web.

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