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SID2019Youth panel of the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre is a voluntary structure which exists as a successful form of youth participation since 2010. Its members are young people aged 14-18 who meet face-to-face regularly (at least once per month) to develop their digital and media skills and play an important role in the initiatives and the events, organized by the Bulgarian SIC and its partners.

Obuchitelna programa cyberscoutThe Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre initiated the CyberscoutTraining Programme which uses peer-to-peer training methods for effectively popularizing the most dangeous online risks and the ways for combating them among 9-15-year-old Bulgarian children.

LiliOn the February 8, 2004, the Insafe network marked the first International Safer Internet Day. This holiday is part of the efforts of the international network to guarantee a safer internet for all users, and most notably for the younger ones.

Екипът на "Доктор Охзаби"
On June 21, when we mark the International Father’s day, the team of the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre launched its version of the initiative PC Doctor – a mobile clinic in which experts “examine” the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices of children and determine whether they are well protected.

Almost all men in the world, event if they are not biological parents, have a relationship with children in the role of step-fathers, brothers, uncles, teachers, coaches or just friends. But not all of them can fulfil this role to a sufficient degree.

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