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telenor denOn September 29, 2016, over 260 employees of Telenor Bulgaria, assisted and trained by the experts from Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre, visited more than 60 schools across the country.

Under their supervision and guidance, over 10,000 pupils participated in educational games, aimed at raising awareness about online bullying and its consequences. The young people also learned about possible steps they might take when they encounter online bullying. The events were part of Telenor’s international initiative “Be Smart – Use Heart.”

Telenor volunteers talked with the younger and older children about online bullying in a way appropriate for their age. To this end, two different open-air activities were prepared:

Pupils from grades 1-4 played the game “I can and I know what to do in Internet.” The goal of the game was to present to the children different risky situations linked with the online bullying, and teach them how to deal with them.

Pupils from grades 5-8 participated in the “Profiler” game, which increased their sensitivity towards online bullying. Young persons took an online test to evaluate their potential behaviour in several archetypical situations dealing with bullying. Through the exercise they also learned how to react positively and constructively.  

Several studies have noted that online bullying is a serious problem in almost every school in Bulgaria and Europe. This is a very important topic, and children need not only be aware of it, but able to discuss this issue with their peers and with adults around them. The idea of the SIC and Telenor was not just to start this dialogue and teach schoolchildren what constitutes online bullying and how to recognise it, but also to talk with them about people and organisations they can turn to, whenever they have an Internet related problem.