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kiberskaut StZagoraIn 2016, experts from the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre visited six different Bulgarian towns where they trained six new Cyberscout teams comprising more than 150 pupils. These teams will enter a competition among each other for the organization of the most useful and original activity, related to online safety, which is to be carried out in front of other children and teenagers in their hometown.  

The idea of the Cyberscout programme is to train groups of highly motivated and knowledgable students (5th –7th grade) on the main dangers that children and teenagers face online, the ways of preventing these dangers from happening and the importance of passing on their knowledge to other young people. Each training lasts for two days, during which the students discuss online threats such as viruses, receiving friend requests from unknown people, the possible contact with paedophiles, as well as the people and the organisations that can help them in case they have a problem on the Internet. Following their trainings, the different teams have two months to organize an original and creative activity on online safety, which they have to carry out in front of other students in their hometown.

The six teams that were trained during the second season of the programme come from Bozhurishte, Elena, Shabla, Achelous, Panagyurishte and Stara Zagora – towns all around Bulgaria.

When all six teams carry out their activity, a jury will pick the three best and most original events. These three activities will be awarded on the International Safer Internet Day 2017 in Sofia.

More information about the Cyberscout programme and its first season, which took place in 2015, can be found here