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The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre launched a new mobile application to mark the 15th International Safer Internet Day. The application provides quick access to the SIC's Helpline and Hotline. It also has a password strength checker and provides a test to check one's knowledge about safer use of internet, as well.

The mobile application SafeNetApp was developed with the financial support of Telenor Bulgaria and Internet Society and is available for mobile devices with Android software and also for devices with iOS. Using the application one can open the online form for reporting of illegal and harmful online content and provides a quick access to a consultant on the Helpline (a phone line and a chat module).
Along with the option to seek for advice or help for a problem of child or minor in the online environment, the application has a function for password strength checking. It also provides a test to check one's knowledge about safer use of internet. The test contains questions related to the different risks in the internet and the appropriate ways for prevention and reaction. The app is designed like an educational game. If the users want this, they can sign up to check their place in to the rank list of the application users who did the test. They can also do the test again and again to improve their performance.