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Sofia PULSEAn exchange of knowledge and best practices took place between young volunteers from the Youth Panel at the Safer Internet Centre and the Youth Club "Let's be friends" at the PULSE Foundation, Pernik.

On May 30, the youth from the club visited the Safer Internet Centre in Sofia for a first time, and on June 20, members of the Youth Panel will visit Pernik. Young people from both youth teams got to know each other and discussed what they do to spread knowledge among their peers. Both teams also worked together on their ideas for future collaborative work.

During the visit of the young people from Pernik, the representatives of the Youth Panel of the Safer Internet Centre spoke about their activities and causes. They went into detail on how they planned and organized the #YouAreTheHero campaign and its inspiring message of positive and responsible online behaviour as opposed to online bullying and online hate. As well as, their previous campaign #DressYourself, which is demonstrating in a positive and creative way the risks of early sexualisation among children. 

The members of the Youth Panel also explained how they plan and conduct the main activities of important events of the Centre. An example of those is the Safer Internet Day – which addresses a different cause and an issue for children and young people online every year. The Panel is actively involved in events organised by SIC’s partners, such as the youth forum "Voice it" (organized annually by the National Network for Children), the celebration of children and families "Familathlon" etc. The members of the Youth Panel also presented the Centre's Consultation Hotline (phone 124 123 and the chat module on the website), which young people and their caregivers can contact in case of problems online.

During the meeting, the two youth teams exchanged ideas and discussed their ways of working and started thinking about future joint projects.

The next planned visit will be of the Youth Panel for Safe Internet in Pernik on June 20. During the meeting, the young people from the Youth Club will in turn tell about their activities and the causes they are dedicated to.

The activity was held within the framework of the annual plan of the Youth Club of Pernik and the Municipality of Pernik