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On September 9, a national conference was held in Plovdiv with the participation of the Safer Internet Centre, Ministry of Education, Plovdiv city deputy-mayor, 4 youth centers from around the country and young people who participated in a brand new programme for digital and media literacy.

The programme “Youth in action” was developed by experts from the Applied Research and Communications Fund – coordinator of the Safer Internet Centre, youth workers from 4 youth centres in the country and Norsensus Mediacenter – the Norway partner. They developed a methodological guidebook containing 13 training modules to be used by youth workers, teachers and social workers for building digital and media literacy, active citizenship and leadership skills.

At the conference 25 young trainees who passed successfully all the programme modules received certificates of achievement.

The partnering organisations will continue training of young volunteers in their cities and regions. Some 4 new youth centres will join the programme in the coming 6 months.