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Model coverThe Safer Internet Centre presented a holistic model for systematic building digital and media literacy and skills at school from first to last grade based on the regular curriculum at the 9th Global Education Conference in Sofia.

The model is based on the European reference frameworks for digital competence and life-long learning. It makes it possible for teachers in one school to use the presented teaching methodology during classes in all subjects. To this end the school prepares a common vision, teachers act more as facilitators, pupils are taking active part in the learning process with the use of various interactive methods.

The model was piloted in one school in Sofia in a period of one year and it proved to be even more suitable in the conditions of remote learning due to schools lockdowns during the period of testing.

The feedback from teachers and an evaluation report by an independent evaluator were very positive and the school will continue working based on this model. At a national teachers conference in November the model will be presented to many school directors and teachers. The ambition is to gradually build a national network of schools using the methodology so that more pupils will be able to develop the crucial 21st century skills.