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Youth panel VarnaBetween 15th and 17th of June, the first meeting of the members of the Youth Panel of the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre and the young volunteers from the Directorate "Preventions", Varna was conducted. Together they participated in a series of training sessions, preparing them for peer trainers on the topic of prevention of child sexual exploitation online as well as other major online risks.

During the exchange of experiences, members of the Youth Panel told the young people from Varna about their activities, the campaigns they have conducted and are currently working on (such as "Dress up was" and "You are the Hero") and the events they are planning or taking part in (such as the main event to celebrate the Safer Internet Day, their participation in the Voice it Youth Forum, Familathlon, etc.). The young volunteers of the Directorate "Preventions" - Varna presented the activities they are working on in order to raise awareness among peers about various risks for young people, as well as the campaigns in which they participate.

The young people from both organizations also took part in a joint training, preparing them to be peer trainers on the prevention of child sexual exploitation and other major risks on the Internet (such as Cyber bullying, sexting, contact with strangers etc.). The training was conducted by experts from the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre. In an interesting and interactive way, the young people were introduced to the principles and methods of non-formal education, as well as effective ways of formulating learning objectives and structuring a training module. The training also included a practical module where young people practiced to be trainers.

At the end of the training meeting, young people from the two youth organisations reflected together on future joint initiatives and gave ideas for future joint activities.