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ECCBetween 30 April and 3 May, Milena Radoytseva, a member of the Youth Panel at the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre and the representative of Bulgaria to the Eurochild Children's Council, took part in the first in-person meeting of young people in Brussels since the pandemic started. She was accompanied by the Centre’s Youth Participation Coordinator Dr Emanuil Georgiev. At the meeting, the current composition of the Eurochild Children's Council, in which the girl participated, passed the baton to the new ECC members.

Milena represented our country for the past three years after she was elected as the Bulgarian representative with the majority of the votes of the young people participating in the Reporters initiative of the National Network for Children.

At the meeting in Brussels, the President of Eurochild, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca (President of Malta 2014-2019) joined via video link and assured the young people that she highly appreciates their contribution to the Eurochild's cause. Mieke Schuurman, Senior Policy Advisor on Children's Rights and Safety at Eurochild, addressed individually each of the young people from the Children's Council, including the Bulgarian representative Milena, highlighting their individual achievements.

During her mandate, Milena Radoytseva took an active part in the activities of Eurochild, including discussions with senior European politicians and representatives of international organisations, including the Chairperson of the UN Commission on the Rights of the Child Velina Todorova and the French Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet.

The representative of the Youth Panel and of Bulgaria participated in a number of international forums, some of which, due to the epidemic situation, were held online. Milena was selected to be one of the keynote speakers during the International Child Rights Day in 2020, an annual event organised by the European Parliament. 

In 2020, she was recognized by The Washington Post as one of 12 children in the world who are contributing to their communities and the world around us. A recognition that was widely covered by the Bulgarian media. A story about Milena's work is to be included in a book in the Rebel Girls series.