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PernikOn 20th of June, the Youth Panel of the Safer Internet Centre and the members of the Youth Club “Let’s be Friends” at PULSE Foundation, Pernik had their second meeting. Both organisations met in order to exchange their experiences, as well as to make plans for their future collaborations.

On 30th of May the youth members of the Club had visited the Safer Internet Centre in Sofia. This activity took place within the framework of the annual plan of Youth Policy Advisory Board/Pernik of the Youth and the municipality of Pernik.

The young people from both youth teams got to know each other and discussed the strategies they use to spread knowledge among their peers. They also worked together on various ideas for future partnerships. Some of the topics of the discussions were the activities and the causes both youth clubs are dedicated to, such as reducing violence towards and among children, spreading knowledge about children's rights etc.

The two youth teams have already planned together a special joint initiative for Youth Day, which will be held on 12 August in Pernik. They are planning to introduce the young participants in the event to the most common online problems in an interesting and fun way. They will discuss bullying on and off the Internet and how they could react in such cases, as well as to whom young people can turn for help and advice.