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Cyberscouts 104 OUThirty students from "Zahari Stoyanov" 104th Primary School in Sofia joined the Cyberscout community after going through training held on 15 and 16 November 2022.

In the third training of the eighth season of the Cyberscout programme, through interesting game tasks, the students from the fifth and sixth grade of the Sofia school examined the dangers in the digital environment - both technical and those related to the Internet as a social environment and source of information, and learned some of the ways to protect and respond to online problems. During the training they also had the opportunity to work on their teamwork, creativity and problem solving skills.

The second day of the training was dedicated to the roles of Cyberscouts - to be role models in the digital environment and beyond, to advise peers who have encountered problems online and, working as a team, to prepare and conduct their own activities to raise awareness of online risks and ways to deal with them among other children.

Together with the training of the children, a training of teachers from 104 Primary School took place on 15 October. It provided teachers with important information and statistics on the main dangers for children online, as well as resources available for teachers developed by the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre that they could use in their work with students.

The trainings during the eighth season of the Cyberscout programme are supported by the Disney Company.