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Cyberscouts 20 OUNew 15 fifth-grade students from "Todor Minkov" 20th Primary School in Sofia became part of the Cyberscout community after taking part in a two-day training held on March 1 and 2.

During the first day of the training, through interesting interactive methods, the students learned about online risks, as well as, basic ways to protect themselves and react to problems on the Internet. In addition to technical dangers (such as viruses and malware, "hacked" profiles, access to personal data, etc.), the risks related to the Internet as a social environment (such as contact with a stranger who may be dangerous, including being a paedophile, online bullying between peers, etc.) and the web as a source of information (fake news) were discussed.

On the second day, the three roles of a cyberscout - to be a role model, to advise peers on online problems, and to spread knowledge about online safety to other children - were discussed in detail with the trainees. Students from 20th Primary School had the opportunity to work in groups on their creative projects for awareness-raising activities for their peers, thus practising how to pass on what they have learned during the training to other students once they are certified as Cyber Scouts.

The trainings, part of the eighth season of the Cyber Scout program, are supported by the Disney Company.