This section of the Bulgarian language version of the website lists various awareness and information resources developed by the Safer Internet Centre. They are divided into types of resources (guidebooks, other publications, presentations, lesson plans, posters, etc.) and also by target groups – for teachers, parents, young people.

The resources in the section are free to download and re-use for non-commercial aims. 

Some of the resources have been translated into English for use by other members of the Insafe network. They can be found in the resources gallery section of the Insafe/INHOPE web portal site

Studies of the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre:

National Representative study “Online Experiences of Children in Bulgaria” 2016 – preliminary analytical reports awaiting peer review by Global Kids Online:

Risks and Harm

Parental Support

Digital and Media Literacy


Young Children (0-8) and Digital Technology, 2016 – qualitative research for Bulgaria 

Young Children (0-8) and Digital Technology – 1 year later


Safeguarding Teenage Intimate Relationships (STIR):

STIR Briefing paper 1: Policy and Practice Awereness in Europe on Teenage Intimate Relationships and New Technology 

STIR Briefing paper 2: Incidence Rates and Impact of Experiencing Interpersonal Violence and Abouse in Young People’s Relationships

STIR Briefing paper 3: Risk and Protective (Predictive) Factors for IPVA Victimisation and Instigation

STIR Briefing paper 4: Young People’s Views on Intervention and Prevention for Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in Young People’s Relationships

SITR Briefing paper 5: Young People’s Perspectives on Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in Intimate Relationships


European Union-wide study “EU kids online”, 2010-2011